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News Event Indicator for NinjaTrader 7

Use this news indicator to see upcoming news events on your NinjaTrader charts. News events can greatly influence the markets, creating periods of volatility that are often best avoided. By knowing when the next major event will occur, you can avoid these high-risk periods. The indicator shows high, medium, and low-priority events as well as the related country. In most cases, you will want to pay attention to high priority events for the country related to the market you are trading. For example, if you trade the E-mini, watch for high-priority U.S. events. Natural disasters, war, political announcements and other breaking events are not listed – only regularly scheduled financial news is displayed.
News Indicator
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Click here to learn John Paul's free news trading strategy. This method compliments this indicator nicely.
1. Download the indicator and save it to a folder that you’ll remember later.
2. Go to NinjaTrader’s Control Center and select File > Utilities > Import NinjaScript.
3. Navigate to the folder containing the indicator download from the first step. This is likely your Downloads folder or the Desktop. Double-click the indicator and it will import.
4. You should see a success message indicating a successful import. Add the indicator to your chart by right-clicking the chart > Indicators > find and double-click the DTTWNews3 indicator and click OK on the bottom.
5. You should see the indicator on your chart. On occasion, you may need to adjust USOnlyEvents to either True or False to ensure all of the events display.

Online Weekly Trading News Calendar

Want to keep track of upcoming news events? Use a platform other than NinjaTrader or want to keep your NinjaTrader carts free of clutter? Want to see a whole week at a time? Then use Day Trade to Won's free News Calendar. The yellow highlight on the page indicates the nearest news event. Note that the nearest event may have already passed, so compare the GMT time in the upper-left corner with nearby events. The dashed lines separate each day. Use the orange help button in the upper-left to understand how to use it. This page is updated every week.
News Indicator
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Bar Timer for TradeStation

A bar timer is an indicator that tells you how much time remains until the currently plotting bar closes. This is invaluable if your strategies depend on you acting swiftly at bar close. At Day Trade to Win, this is true for a number of the strategies. Once the timer reaches zero, expect a new bar or candle to begin plotting. On a 5-min chart, the chart will begin counting down from around five minutes. By default, NinjaTrader includes a bar timer indicator. For some reason, TradeStation does not include one, so you can import ours as an ELD file.
News Indicator
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1. Download the ELD file from the link above and save it to a folder you'll remember
2. Right-click the chart > select Insert Analysis Technique > Import > Use the Import/Export Wizard to select the option to import an ELD, ELS, or ELA file > Next > Browse and navigate to the folder containing the downloaded ELD file such as Downloads or the Desktop > Complete the remaining steps.
3. The bar timer will not display at first. When a new bar displays, the countdown should begin.

Tick Counter for TradeStation

The candles or bars on tick charts consist of every moment the market makes regardless of how long it takes. During volatile periods, the market can move dozens of ticks in a few seconds. A bar on a tick chart would quickly “fill up” with all of this tick movement, and soon, another tick bar would display. In trading platforms, you can specify how many ticks each bar or candle should consist of. For example, we use 250 tick bars for our Price Action Scalping strategy. Similar to the bar timer, you can use this indicator to get yourself ready to make a quick move once a candle closes. To import, follow the same instructions as the bar timer.
News Indicator
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Karen's Time Sync

NinjaTrader's chart time is directly linked to your Windows computer clock time. If your Windows computer clock is off by a second or more, you may experience unusual behavior on your NinjaTrader charts. Karen's Time Sync offers an automated way to sync your computer clock at a regular interval to ensure accuracy. One bug we've noticed with out-of-sync computers using NinjaTrader is that the BarTimer will not count down after reaching zero, and sometimes new bars will not plot. This time sync program will help solve those issues. You can, of course, sync Windows time yourself manually with Internet time servers, but this requires extra steps and remembering to do it in the first place. Day Trade to Win's FAQ page provides helpful time sync tips.
News Indicator
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